3rd Eye of the Storm

silence, exile, cunning

i am..

I am a menace to society. 

I am history in the making. 

I am your worst nightmare, your arch nemesis. 

I am the fuel on an unstoppable flame.

I am the rain on your parade and the clouds on your sunny day. 

I am the straw that breaks your back. 

I am the thorn in your paw. 

I am the gnat in your eye. 

I am the killer of your dreams, the thief of your ambition. 

I am the defeat of your fantasy. 

I am the truth to your lie. 

I am the light in the abyss you have created. 

I am the bearer of bad news. 

I am the soldier waging war with ink and keys. 

I am the leaver of a revolutionary legacy. 

I am the judge and the jury, and I am your death sentence. 

I am the witness to your crimes. 

I am the enemy of your state. 

I am the downfall of your regime. 

I am the criminal. 

I am the protestor. 

I am the dissident. 

I am the martyr. 

I am justice. 

I am truth. 

I am resistance. 

I am the blogger.

dedicated to: Manal and Alaa, Hossam el-HamalawyAsma Al Ghoul, Ali Abunimah, Malath Aumran, Tal al-Molouhi, Mona Eltahawy, Wael Abbas, Ruwayda Mustafa Rabar, Shadi Hamid, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin 

of the many, i can only name a few. make your own list.